One Principle
Many processes

Supraton succeeds in many mixing processes. Developing new and the improvement of existing processes is part of our core competence.

Overview of
our processes

Our experienced application technicians and process engineers will help you choose suitable processes and the use of additional units such as pumps, tanks, agitators, heat exchangers. We take your entire process into account and adapt the Supraton in-line mixing technology to your specific mixing tasks. Our expertise for your applications – our customers worldwide trust and build on this.

Thanks to the varied procedural experience gained in around 60 years and about 400 different applications with about 5000 machines, our consultation particularly focusses on implementing the following processes:

  • In-line mixing
  • Homogenisation
  • Emulsification
  • Dispersing
  • Wet milling
  • Disintegration
  • De-agglomeration
  • Addition of solids
  • Purging

Process Development

We run tests at our technical centre based on your mixing process both to optimise the process as well as for the development of new processes.

We offer

  • Planning your test set-up
  • Determining relevant process parameters
  • Jointly determining substance-specific quality criteria
  • Universally usable control hardware and software
  • Custom software adaptations and visualisation for your test
  • Test analysis as the basis for scalable systems planning

Implementation at our technical centre

  • Test volumes from 500ml up to 500 litres
  • Single pass or recirculation process
  • Heating of agitator vessel, tubing and valves
  • Measurement data logging such as flow rate, temperature and pressure
  • Handling the entire planning and testing process

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