More biogas with the Suprajet

Suprajet maximises gas production at biogas plants due to substrate treatment.

Substrate optimisation with Suprajet

The innovative Suprajet technology allows you to get the maximum out of your biogas plant. Suprajet uses the cavitation effect to further split up the substrate taken from the digester. The resulting high forces enable to crack the cell membranes in the plant portion of the substrate. After having been treated this way, the substrate releases a higher amount of nutrients with larger particle surfaces, so that it can be converted more quickly into biogas by the microorganisms in the plant. As a result, more biogas yield can be obtained from the same amount of substrate, or less substrate can be used to produce the same amount of biogas.

Untreated substrate


  • More biogas from the same amount of substrate
  • Faster biogas production
  • High energy efficiency
  • Improved viscosity (easier to stir)
Treated substrate

Benefits for your biogas plant

More biogas + same amount of substrate
Less substrate + same amount of biogas

  • Increased retention time
  • Reduced supply runtimes – labour, machine, power, substrate costs
  • Reduced matter transport in BGP – pump runtime
  • Reduced digestion residues – disposal cost

Less wear due to upstream wet chopper

  • Protection of machines from foreign particles
  • Machine wear limited to conveyor units
  • Less wear compared with alternative dissolution methods (extrusion, hammer mills, turbo crushers)

Faster availability of fresh matter
Reduced specific energy consumption

  • Easier to stir – agitators use less power
  • Improved flow characteristics – process pumps use less power

Return on investment after 2 to 3 years

  • More volume, respectively less mass
  • Faster availability of fresh matter
  • Easier to stir


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